Marcel Ausloos

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(after SUPRAS)


Institut de Physique B5,
Sart Tilman, Université de Liège,
B-4000 Liège,
Tel.: +(int : 32 4.366.37.52) (loc: 04.366.37.52)
Fax.: +(int : 32 4.366.29.90) (loc: 04.366.29.90)

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Univ.Liège, Liège, Belgium : Engineer. Physics 1967
Brown University, Providence, R.I. : M.Sc. 1970
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA : Ph.D. 1973

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Research Experience

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics (magnetism, superconductivity, optics,...).
Theoretical and Applied Statistical Physics (transport properties, phase transitions, fractals, evolution, growth, econophysics...)

in "8 chapters"

First : Theory of electronic structure of disordered alloys, solubility limits of dilute noble metals or alkali-earth metals in alloys,

Second : Transport properties of magnetic metals, alloys, compounds, in particular in the vicinity of the critical magnetic ordering temperatures, starting from Ph. D. thesis; electrical resistivity, Seebeck, or thermoelectric power, thermal conductivity,

Third : Study of the liquid and amorphous states : thermodynamic properties, and those of magnetic fluids; equation of state near the close packed limit, phase diagram and statistical mechanics of amorphous magnetic insulators and of liquid metals,

Fourth : Infrared active modes in clusters of spheres; size effects, absorption spectrum of powders from the general solution of Maxwell's equations; nanoparticle spectra

Fifth : Surfaces : cyclotron resonance, optical properties, fractal properties, fracture, stability limits, porous media,

Sixth : Physical properties of spin models, generalized static and kinetic growth models,

Seventh : Superconductivity : instabilities, fluctuations, various other properties, from a theoretical, phenomenological, and experimental view point, order parameter symmetry,

Eigth : Self-Organized Criticality against extinctions and mutations in models of evolution, phase diagrams of generalized aggregation and growth models: Ecolophysics, Econophysics, Meteorology.

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Teaching Experience

Undergraduate level: Introductory Physics for Premedical and Paramedical Students; Solid State Physics, Classical Electrodynamics

Graduate level: Thermodynamics, Solid State Physics, Statistical Physics, Fractals.

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Scientific Grants/Contracts

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Scientific Papers

More than 350 in various fields of theoretical condensed matter physics and statistical physics,- often related to and including experimental and numerical work.

Many communications at international meetings or at "schools" and "seminars"; several "invited lectures" and "invited review papers".

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Dr. M. Ausloos
last update: Nov. 01, 2000